SPACE PROJECT SST-6 (Mission Suborbital 1)


SPACE PROJECT SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1)

The Space Project SST-6 (Swiss Space Travelers-6) consists of the organization and realization of a suborbital flight, as part of a scientist, medical and educational program to pay more attention to Space and related sciences.

A total of 6 Crew Members will be presented to partners/sponsors/schools/universities/enterprises/companies/interested persons in order to be able to launch the Spaceship in 2024-2025.

The 1st seat will be occupied by the Mission Commander, Boris OTTER, who will supervise the various scientist, medical and educational experiments planned before, during and after the flight, such as the study of the symptoms linked to Space sickness, the impact of the Overview Effect on return to Earth, the effect of Weightlessness over a period of 3-4 minutes.




Mission Commander, Space Project SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1).























And… Klaus RAINER  (AUSTRIA), Backup of the Mission Commander, Space Project SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1 & 2).














2)  François VIOLA  (FRANCE – HUNGARY).

Mission Copilot,  Space Project SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1).

Safety coordinator and medical space research subject.









3)  Alyssa CARSON  (USA).

Mission Specialist 1, Space Project SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1).










4)  Prof. Bernard FOING  (FRANCE).

Mission Specialist 2, Space Project SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1).









5)  Scott WATERS  (USA – SPAIN).

Mission Specialist 3, Space Project SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1).













6)  Alicia CLARK  (USA)

Mission Specialist 4, Space Project SST-6  (Mission Suborbital 1).
















1)  Boris OTTER, Mission Commander.

  • Assumes the rule of Mission Commander, supervising scientist, medical and educational experiments before, during and after this SST-6 Mission.
  • Trained as a civilian pilot (qualified on airplane, helicopter piston and turbine, seaplane, gyrocopter, 2 flights in Russian fighter planes Let-39 and Sukhoï-27 Flanker, 3 Private Cosmonaut Training sessions at the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow, Aerobatic qualification, Night Flight (NF), Visual Flight Rules (VFR), Instrument Rating (IR), multi-engine piston, Airline Transport Pilot License “frozen”, skydiving, paragliding, PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, glider.
  • Very advanced professional experience in the field of Security and Rescue, essential for the human and scientist success of the mission : 7 years of experience as a volunteer Firefighter and 6 years of experience as a Professional Firefighter in Geneva (Switzerland).
  • Popularization of space experiences for educational purposes to international institutions, media, universities and schools.
  • Federation of skills, space and international experiences for humanitarian, scientist, medical and cultural purposes (International Crew with suitable profiles to achieve the objectives of the Mission).


Klaus RAINER, Backup of the Mission Commander.

Here is a little bio of Mr Klaus RAINER by himself :

“I was born in Klagenfurt/Austria in 1966. After school and vocational training, I joined the armed forces. I applied as a military pilot and after three years of training I became a military helicopter pilot and a flight instructor in 1992. My daughter Raffaela was also born during this time. In 2000 I moved to the largest air rescue company in Austria, the ÖAMTC Flugrettung, where I still work as an emergency pilot today. Not only physical fitness is an important part but also mental fitness. That’s why there’s also the musical side to sports, I play tenor saxophone, including 6 years in a big band. Jazz is a favorite genre of music of mine. I also find balance between my job and the missions on many motorcycle trips. Space, airfaring is a spectrum that has always fascinated me, which makes me all the more happy to be part of an enthusiastic family as an Active Member, namely the Swiss Space Project.

Some notes about my actual pilot work : Flying the intensive Transport helicopter near Vienna, called Wiener Neustadt, Callsign C33, C means Christophorus, we have 32 Helicopters, 75 Pilots, and 700 flying Doctors and Crewmembers, I hold the medical class one EASA, have 8886 Helicopter flight hours, 300 Fix Wing flight hours, I am rated for night mission with NVG Night Vision Googles, and over all i have 42.000 flight trips means start and landings. My duty time : one week on, one week off”.


2)  François VIOLA, Mission Copilot.

  • Performs the rule of Copilot, flight safety coordination with the Commander.
  • Had proven exceptional resistance to positive and negative G load factors following his training as an Aerobatic Fighter Pilot Student on the Galeb G2 in Serbia.
  • Rich aeronautical experience as a Student Pilot since 1998, flew on 17 aircrafts (gliding, propeller plane, turbo propellers, military and civil jets, piston helicopters, single and twin turbines helicopters).
  • Subject of space medical research around the resistance to load factors of the human skeleton (Blount’s disease, radial silicone elbow prosthesis since 2003, osteoporosis…).
  • International experience in IT Project Management (trilingual French, English, German).


3)  Alyssa CARSON, Mission Specialist 1.

“Alyssa Carson, also known by the call sign Blueberry, is an American student with the goal of training as an astronaut and being selected for future human spaceflight to Mars. She was inspired at age 3 by the Nickelodeon series The Backyardigans and went on to attend U.S. Space Camp in 2008. She has also attended other space camps in Laval, Quebec and in Izmir, Turkey. In 2013, she was recognized by NASA as the first to visit all 14 NASA Visitor Centers in the United States and sat on the NASA Mer 10 panel at age 12 discussing future missions to Mars in the 2030s. In 2019 she enrolled at Florida Institute of Technology, receiving her degree in 2023, B.S. in Astrobiology and has also previously attended International Institute for Astronautical Sciences enrolling in Possum Academy at age 15. Alyssa received her applied Astronautics certification at age 17, certifying her to do research missions in suborbital space. Known for The Mars Generation (2017), Pickler & Ben (2018), Steve Harvey (2014), El hormiguero (2017) as some of the shows and movies she has been in. In 2022 Alyssa was selected as only 5 Influencers/Ambassadors in the world (only one in US) to work with NATO. Alyssa was also selected to work with the UN as Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals – 17 young change-makers whose leadership is catalyzing the achievement of the Goals.Alyssa is a member of the The Explorers club as the youngest full member accepted. Alyssa has her rocket license, Advance scuba certification (with full face), Private Pilot license, skydiving class A license, and a certified Aquanaut”.

Alyssa CARSON will be in charge of the study of the symptoms linked to space sickness, the impact of the Overview Effect on return to Earth, the effect of Weightlessness over a period of 3-4 minutes.


4)  Prof. Bernard FOING, Mission Specialist 2.

“Prof. Bernard H. FOING, President Space Renaissance International,  Executive Director of ILEWG, CEO LUNEX EuroMoonMars & ArtMoonMars Manager, EuroSpaceHub Academy,  Special Prof  Leiden Observatory, IPSA, Riga U, and formerly VU Amsterdam, ISU, EPFL and Florida Tech. Full member IAA International Academy of Astronautics since 2010, vice-chair COSPAR planetary and PEX Planetary Exploration Panel, co-director IMA International Moonbase Alliance, founder Moon Village & MV Association, EGU space instrumentation officer, President MoonGallery Foundation (

Former ESA Chief Scientist and Chair of ESTEC staff association committee (2012-2017) & SMART-1 Lead scientist. Chair IAF ITACCUS, member IAF committees (TAC, GLEX IPC, space exploration, astronomy, space habitats, traffic management). Worked at ESA ESTEC (1989-2020), as ESTEC staff Committee Chair (2012-2017), senior scientist, advisor to DG, Chief scientist, Head of Research Division, study lead (SIMURIS, MORO lunar orbiter, EuroMoon lander), staff, visiting scientist fellow. Co-Investigator of SOHO, XMM, BIOPAN, SMART-1, Mars Express, COROT, ISS/Expose, ExoMars. Publications : 930 articles, including 230 refereed papers. Academics : Habilitation 1990. He has been working at CNRS, and as post-doc astronomer ESO European Southern Observatory Chile, PhD astrophysics & space techniques (CNRS, Lockheed, SacPeak, Boulder, Harvard), Associate Professeur in Physics, Ecole Normale Supérieure ENSET Paris-Saclay”.

Prof. Bernard FOING will be in charge of the research, education and inspiration parts.


5)  Scott WATERS, Mission Specialist 3.

We have the honor and the privilege to welcome an aquanaut and submarine pilot, Scott WATERS (USA-SPAIN) on board our Spaceship.

Information about Scott WATERS :

He has extensive business knowledge and experience in human occupied vehicles in hostile environments.

  • He has excellent links with many space agencies and submarine groups around the world.
  • He has excellent links to many participants in space tourism and deep ocean tourism and knows the adventure tourism industry well.
  • He has extensive pilot training in submarines and his instructor certification.
  • He has his airplane private pilot license.
  • He is a mechanical technician with extensive training and a life support technician specialist.
  • He has consultant knowledge in human spaceflight on the UN Space Advisory Program and UAE Space Agency.

Scott plans to promote the synergies with space and deep ocean exploration. He would love to conduct a submarine mission with all astronauts on the team to get the future astronauts in a vehicle in a hostile environment in reality which is a wonderful training experience. NASA does similar training with the Aquarius underwater lab and works with other submarines groups. In fact, astronaut Loral O’hara who worked as an engineer on DSV Alvin is in space on the ISS right now. He is also in the process of a collaboration agreement with ESA to work with space scientists and later human environment training with survival systems and life support system training.

Scott WATERS will be in charge of the survival systems and life support system training of the Crew, the Overview Effect description, the study of the Space sickness compared to the Sea sickness.


6)  Alicia CLARK, Mission Specialist 4.

“Alicia A. Clark is a Primary Participant and has a background in Extreme Environment Medicine and Aerospace Sciences. She is an active member of Women in Aviation International and the Experimental Aircraft Association. She has an extensive background in skydiving, Scuba Diving, piloting aircraft, and alpine mountaineering. Alicia had the opportunity to train as a backup crewmember with Cosmonauts in Star City, Russia. She has participated in multiple expeditions throughout the Himalayas to study the physiological effects of altitude on the human body, specifically High-Altitude Cerebral Edema. She has participated in exploration missions throughout the world. Alicia
also provides significant support to various educational outreach and youth development foundations.

Alicia CLARK will be in charge of the study of the symptoms linked to space sickness, the impact of the Overview Effect on return to Earth, the effect of Weightlessness over a period of 3-4 minutes.




  • Secure and participate in the democratization of Spaceflight.
  • Participate in the advancement of scientific and medical research by :
  • Studying symptoms linked to space sickness.
  • The study of the impact of the Overview Effect upon return to Earth, it is a feeling and a unique awareness to follow up on the view of the Earth from Space by the Astronauts.
  • The study of the effect of Weightlessness on all Crew Members of the SST-6 Missions.
  • Promote the development of other Space Missions as well as flights to Mars currently being prepared thanks to this unique feedback.



  • Composition of the Crew : completed !
  • Mission commander and Co-pilot : completed !
  • 4 Mission Specialists : completed !
  • 6 Backup Crew : will be represented by the Crew Members of the 2nd Mission !
  • Flight preparation : in progress !
  • Spaceship being used : in progress (Blue Origin, in progress, Virgin Galactic Class Delta, CAS China Rocket ZK-6) !
  • Search for financial partners and sponsors : in progress !
  • Lift-off planned as from : 2025-2026.


Sokol Spacesuit Training in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City, Moscow, with Boris Otter on its 3rd Cosmonaut Training. Walking in Soyuz simulators hall inside Sokol Spacesuit.

Private Cosmonaut Training with Boris Otter in Star City, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow. This is the worst nightmare for all cosmonauts : the vestibular system training, on a rotating chair, turning at 30 rotations per minute and for 10 minutes for real Cosmonauts ! Don’t forget to move your head from left to right at every bip !

Sokol Spacesuit Training with Boris Otter, in Star City, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow. This was my 3rd Cosmonaut Training.

Cosmonaut Training with Boris Otter in Star City, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow. Sokol space suit real walking exercise with a suit which went to space ! 2018.

Professional video clip of my Zero-G flight in Russia, from Star City in Moscow, on board the Ilyushin-76 MDK. 10 parabolas of 25-28 seconds each, during a 1.5 hour flight, April 26, 2016, All rights reserved !

Cosmonaut Training in Star City on centrifugal CF-7, with Boris Otter, President and Founder of Swiss Space Tourism Association, April 2019.

Harrison Schmitt, the Legendary Astronaut of Apollo 17 and last man alive who walked on the Moon in 1972. Here with Swiss Space Tourism President and Founder, Boris Otter, during Starmus V Festival in Zürich, Switzerland on 25.06.2019.


Private Cosmonaut Training in Star City with Boris Otter, in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center of Moscow. Here am I in command of a heavy helicopter Mi-8 over Sochi area. 2018.


SST-6 (Swiss Space Tourism – 6)

Space Project

SST-6 (Swiss Space Tourism – 6)

Space Project

SST-6 (Swiss Space Tourism – 6)

Space Project