Who is Boris OTTER ?

My name is Boris Otter, 54, married and father of 3 children (1 girl and 2 boys), I live in Geneva, Switzerland. Passionate about aviation and space, I resigned of my job as a professional firefighter to successfully follow an integrated airline pilot training in 2001-2002, with Swiss Aviation Training Ltd in Basel.

My goal is to participate as from 2024 in a suborbital flight which will allow me to go into space and to cross the Karman line, located at 100km altitude, thus experiencing the overview effect and obtaining the title of commercial astronaut. It will be possible for me, upon returning from the flight, to transmit and share the incredible lived experience via the non-profit association Swiss Space Tourism.

I specify that I am neither an astronaut nor a cosmonaut, but that my only ambition is indeed to go into space and thus to become a space tourist. I haven’t gone to space yet, but here is my aeronautical journey to date:

Private Cosmonaut Training and Zero-G Flight on board Ilyushin-76 MDK, Star City, Moscow. 2016, 2018, 2019.
Gyrocopter pilot, French License. 2014
Seaplane pilot, Canadian License. 2005
Airline Transport Pilot License, JAR-ATPL (A) “frozen”. 2002
Commercial Pilot License, CPL (A). 2002
Instrument Rating, IFR (A). 2002
Night Flying (NF). 2002
Multi Crew Course (MCC). 2002
Multi Engine Piston (MEP). 2002
Helicopter Private Pilot License, PPL (H). 1996
Aerobatics (ACR). 1996
Aircraft Private Pilot License, PPL (A). 1994
Single Engine piston (SEP). 1994
Flight experiences in military aircrafts : Sukhoï-27 (1994), Let-39 (1994) and PC7 (2021).

So, after dreaming of becoming an Astronaut/ Cosmonaut, Boris OTTER followed a good part of their training, after dreaming of meeting those Space Heroes, he had the privilege to see, meet, listen to and sometimes to discuss with some of the most Legendary of them as :

  • Harrison SCHMITT (Astronaut Apollo 17).
  • Charlie DUKE (Astronaut Apollo 16).
  • Dave SCOTT (Astronaut Apollo 15).
  • Alfred WORDEN (Astronaut Apollo 15).
  • Buzz ALDRIN (Astronaut Apollo 11).
  • Russell SCHWEICKART (Astronaut Apollo 9).
  • Walter CUNNINGHAM (Astronaut Apollo 7).
  • Kathy SULLIVAN (NASA Astronaut).
  • Ellen OCHOA (NASA Astronaut).
  • Chris HADFIELD (Canadian Astronaut).
  • Alexei LEONOV (1st man to make an Extra Vehicular Activity, EVA).
  • Youri ONUFRIENKO (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Youri BATURIN (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Sergei ZALYOTIN (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Gennady PADALKA (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Frank DE WINNE (ESA European Space Agency Chief).
  • Claude NICOLLIER (1st and unique Swiss citizen to fly to Space 4x).
  • Jean-François CLERVOY (French Astronaut, Zero-G flight Chief of Novespace).
  • Mark KELLY (STS-134, 2011).
  • Gregory JOHNSON (STS-134, 2011).
  • Roberto VITTORI (STS-134, 2011).
  • Michael FINCKE (STS-134, 2011).
  • Andrew FEUSTEL (STS-134, 2011).
  • Gregory CHAMITOFF (STS-134, 2011).

Photos Copyright : L’Illustré, photograph Blaise Kormann, April 2019.


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