Who are we ?

Space technology for a healthier life

My name is Boris Otter, 50 years old, married with 3 children (1 girl and 2 boys), living in Geneva, Switzerland. Passionate about aviation and space, I left my job as a professional firefighter to successfully complete an integrated airline pilot training in 2001-2002 at Swiss Aviation Training Ltd in Basel. The aeronautical qualifications obtained during my aeronautical career are as follows:

Cosmonaut Training and Zero-G Flight on board Ilyushin-76 MDK, Star City, Moscow. 2016, 2018, 2019.
Gyrocopter pilot, French License. 2014
Seaplane pilot, Canadian License. 2005
Airline Transport Pilot License, JAR-ATPL (A) “frozen”. 2002
Commercial Pilot License (CPL). 2002
Instrument Rating (IR). 2002
Night Flight (NC). 2002
Multi Crew Course (MCC). 2002
Multi Engine Piston (MEP). 2002
Helicopter Private Pilot License (PPH). 1996
Aerobatics (ACR). 1996
Private Pilot License Aircraft (PPL). 1994
Single Engine piston (SEP). 1994
Flying experience in Sukhoi-27 and Let-39 in Moscow. 1994

Benefiting from privileged contacts in Star City, I was able to undertake a private Cosmonaut Training, which allows me to live and to test practically all the training modules followed by the Cosmonauts and Astronauts training at Star City in Moscow, more specifically:

Zero-G  Flight onboard the Ilyushin-76 MDK, Sokol space suit training, Soyuz-ISS docking simulator, Mi-8 heavy helicopter flight simulator, Boeing 737-500 flight simulator, 1/1 scale model of the Space Station MIR, 1/1 scale model of the International Space Station ISS, training in the simulator Soyuz TMA, flight aboard a Russian military fighter Sukhoi-27, flight aboard a training jet Let-39, installation inside the CF-7 centrifugal, introduction to the Orlan spacesuit, rotating chair 30 tours/minute for vestibular system training. Other modules are being planned for 2019.

In addition, I had a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Scuba Diving Certificate and CMAS *, followed by the AFP (Accelerated Falling Progression) Parachuting Course, completed 10 solo paragliding flights, flew around 20 hours in glider including solo.

A former elite athlete, I was Head Referee in ice hockey, officiating more than 2’000 games, all leagues together, between 1987-2008. Level IIHF License B (International Ice Hockey Federation) and LNA / LNB in ​​Switzerland.

I am now devoting all my free time to the Swiss Space Tourism Association, whose goal is to take 5 Active Members with me to Space, during a suborbital flight.

During a 1h30 private interview, you will be able to ask Boris Otter all your questions about the possibilities of taking Cosmonaut Training in Star City (Moscow, Russia), to visit the European Astronaut Center in Cologne (Germany), to participate in a Zero-G flight, to fly to Space during a suborbital flight as a Space Tourist (Spaceflight Participant) and during an orbital flight in the International Space Station or in the one of the future Space Hotels.

In addition, a presentation on the future evolution of Space Tourism in the world will be offered.

Also available to participate in a meeting, an interview, a public presentation, attend a conference and for any fan of Aviation and Space.

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