Swiss Space Tourism


 A non-profit Association whose goals are :


  • To support scientific research in the Space field.
  • To keep members abreast of the ecological aspect, the fragility of the planet and the environmental issue.
  • To promote space tourism in the world.
  • To promote access to Space to the greatest number of its active members.
  • Transmitting the knowledge acquired in matters of Space Tourism to the greatest number of people.
  • Thanks to a Crowdfunding Campaign, to allow its Founder President to realize his dream which is to go to Space during a suborbital flight. In proportion to the number of active members registered, a competition internal to the Association and reserved to its active members, will allow 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 winners of this contest, to accompany the Founding President during his Spatial flight, physically taking place aboard the Spaceship. It is clearly stated that all active members will not be able to go into Space, but that all will be able to participate in the contest (as long as the absence of medical contraindications to Spatial Flight is confirmed by the active members participating in the contest) with the same chances of success for all.

Statutes of the Association (approved by a jurist of Geneva Trade Office)

Registration Form 2019