Space Project SST-6

The Space Project SST-6 (Swiss Space Tourism-6) consists of the organization and realization of a suborbital flight, as part of a scientific and educational program aimed at encouraging children around the world to pay more attention to space and related sciences. A total of 5 seats will be offered for sale to partners/sponsors/schools/universities/enterprises/companies/interested persons in order to fill the spaceship. The 6th seat will be occupied by the Mission Commander, Boris OTTER, who will supervise the various scientific and educational experiments planned before, during and after the flight, such as the study of the symptoms linked to space sickness, the impact of the overview effect on return to Earth, the effect of weightlessness over a period of 3-4 minutes, etc.

As a reminder, the main goals of Swiss Space Tourism are :

  • Support scientific research in the space field.
  • Make members aware of the ecological aspect, the fragility of the planet and the environmental question.
  • Promote Space Tourism in the world.
  • Promote access to space for as many of its active members as possible.
  • Transmit the knowledge acquired in Space Tourism to as many people as possible.
  • To allow its Founding President to realize his dream which is to go into space during a suborbital flight.

So, after dreaming of becoming an Astronaut/ Cosmonaut, Boris OTTER followed a good part of their training, after dreaming of meeting those Space Heroes, he had the privilege to see, meet, listen to and sometimes to discuss with some of the most Legendary of them as :

  • Walter CUNNINGHAM (Astronaut Apollo 7).
  • Russell SCHWEICKART (Astronaut Apollo 9).
  • Buzz ALDRIN (Astronaut Apollo 11).
  • Dave SCOTT (Astronaut Apollo 15).
  • Alfred WORDEN (Astronaut Apollo 15).
  • Charlie DUKE (Astronaut Apollo 16).
  • Harrison SCHMITT (Astronaut Apollo 17).
  • Kathy SULLIVAN (NASA Astronaut).
  • Ellen OCHOA (NASA Astronaut).
  • Chris HADFIELD (Canadian Astronaut).
  • Alexei LEONOV (1st man to make an Extra Vehicular Activity, EVA).
  • Youri ONUFRIENKO (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Youri BATURIN (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Sergei ZALYOTIN (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Gennady PADALKA (Russian Cosmonaut).
  • Frank DE WINNE (ESA European Space Agency Chief).
  • Claude NICOLLIER (1st and unique Swiss citizen to fly to Space 4x).
  • Jean-François CLERVOY (French Astronaut, Zero-G flight Chief of Novespace).
  • Mark KELLY (STS-134, 2011).
  • Gregory JOHNSON (STS-134, 2011).
  • Roberto VITTORI (STS-134, 2011).
  • Michael FINCKE (STS-134, 2011).
  • Andrew FEUSTEL (STS-134, 2011).
  • Gregory CHAMITOFF (STS-134, 2011).

Sokol Spacesuit Training in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City, Moscow, with Boris Otter on its 3rd Cosmonaut Training. Walking in Soyuz simulators hall inside Sokol Spacesuit.

Private Cosmonaut Training with Boris Otter in Star City, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow. This is the worst nightmare for all cosmonauts : the vestibular system training, on a rotating chair, turning at 30 rotations per minute and for 10 minutes for real Cosmonauts ! Don’t forget to move your head from left to right at every bip !

Sokol Spacesuit Training with Boris Otter, in Star City, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow. This was my 3rd Cosmonaut Training.

Cosmonaut Training with Boris Otter in Star City, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Moscow. Sokol space suit real walking exercise with a suit which went to space ! 2018.

Professional video clip of my Zero-G flight in Russia, from Star City in Moscow, on board the Ilyushin-76 MDK. 10 parabolas of 25-28 seconds each, during a 1.5 hour flight, April 26, 2016, All rights reserved !

Cosmonaut Training in Star City on centrifugal CF-7, with Boris Otter, President and Founder of Swiss Space Tourism Association, April 2019.

Harrison Schmitt, the Legendary Astronaut of Apollo 17 and last man alive who walked on the Moon in 1972. Here with Swiss Space Tourism President and Founder, Boris Otter, during Starmus V Festival in Zürich, Switzerland on 25.06.2019.


Private Cosmonaut Training in Star City with Boris Otter, in Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center of Moscow. Here am I in command of a heavy helicopter Mi-8 over Sochi area. 2018.


SST-6 (Swiss Space Tourism – 6)

Space Project

SST-6 (Swiss Space Tourism – 6)

Space Project

SST-6 (Swiss Space Tourism – 6)

Space Project