100 Free Tickets for Space offered until 31.08.2019

Here are the 3 steps to follow in order to be selected :

  • Share the video trailer A TICKET FOR SPACE on social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) and promote Swiss Space Tourism.
  • Write a motivation text of at least 15 lines answering the following question and send it to us : “Why should YOU be selected ? “.
  • Find a person who agrees to register as an Active Member of Swiss Space Tourism before 12.04.2020.

In case of selection, you will need to complete the official Swiss Space Tourism registration form and return it to “hc.ms1566676068iruot1566676068-ecap1566676068s-ssi1566676068ws@re1566676068tto.s1566676068irob1566676068“.

Deadline for registration : until 31.08.2019.

Announcement of the 100 winners : as from 30.09.2019.

Note : in order to determine the 100 winners, the following points will help you to increase your chances of being selected :

  • Find several people who will register as Active Members of Swiss Space Tourism.
  • Promote the Space Project A Ticket for Space by sharing it on social medias and also the link of the website “www.swiss-space-tourism.ch“.
  • Promote Swiss Space Tourism through press articles, TV reports, radio reports or any other visible means.
  • On request, to be able to demonstrate the results obtained.

Boris Otter / 20.07.2019


Become an active member of Swiss Space Tourism and your dream of going into space could become a reality ! The goal is to reach 20’000 active members in one year. Thanks to a contest internal to the association, 5 active members will be able to fly beyond the Karman line, more than 100 km above sea level, thus becoming officially Commercial Astronauts, for  100 USD / 80 EUR. They will have floated several minutes in weightlessness and contemplated the Blue Planet, from up there.

Medical restrictions to Space Flight

Contest rules “A Ticket for Space”

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