Cottage cheese with apple puree

CHF 9.90

Ingredients: fat cottage cheese, sea buckthorn puree, refined sugar, butter, drinking water, semolina.

Nutritional value in 100 g of product contains: proteins – 3,5 g, fats – 19,5 g, carbs – 27 g

Energy value in 100 g of product – 295 kcal, 1230 kJ

Does not contain GMOs

ТУ 10.51.56-555-04605473-2018

Keep at temperature from 2 to 25 Centigrade and relative moisture of the air not more than 85%

Do not expose to direct sunlight

Storage life: 12 months

Net weight 115 g

Open tube should be kept in refrigerator and used within 24 hours

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